XOTOX: Essentials 2xCD Pro-Noize/Dark Dimensions


XOTOX: Essentials       2xCD  Pro-Noize/Dark Dimensions

Way back in 2003, Andreas Davids released debut album, ‘Lichtlos’ upon the world; then going on from strength to strength, culminating in some of his finest work to date in 2013 (“Schwanengesang’) and a vinyl remix album (Redux).  It’s a testament to the commitment of Davids and his creativity that he has been so prolific and successful.

‘Essentials’ isn’t the first ‘best of’ that Xotox has released (the other being ‘Hyperactive’ for the US market on Vendetta music in 2008); but it does feel more complete.  This is mainly down to a few more years of musical output, a new master wash over older tracks and this being 35 songs in length.

Over the course of this two-disc affair we have club friendly mainstays such as ‘Mechanische Unruhe’ and the floor slaying ‘Pumpe/Düse’ to contend with; as well as older demo’s and a few remixes, as well as some later tracks post 2008. T he mix of old, new and rare, ultimately works well as a whole and consummately does its job (that being a best of) and I highly recommend this to those new to the fold.

Andy seems to have no end in sight with this project and more power to him and his creativity; given the medium he is working with, it would have been no surprise if he did run out of ideas.  However, he has carved himself a name that will always be held high within Industrial circles; and for that genre, the title of this compilation couldn’t be any more apt.


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