THE CRAY TWINS: The Pier CD Fang Bomb


THE CRAY TWINS: The Pier     CD Fang Bomb

Nothing to do with the loser gangster duo from London, you could be forgiven upon the opening notes of ‘Duao 1’ into thinking that ‘The Pier’ is going to be just another Power Electronics album.  In short, it isn’t.

Collaborations come from BJ Nilsen and the like; and it’s this, coupled with Baran and Kennedy’s fascination with electronic and acoustic audio systems, that have produced an album of great weight and purpose.

Static Industrial mechanisms are massaged with ambient sub textures and ghostly spectre like pads, where harmonics dance across a bed of barbed wire foundations.  Desolate and desperate, ‘The Pier’ lays heavy atmospherics at the heart of everything it attempts to achieve.

Primarily this will appeal to fans of PE and Dark Ambient, such is the nature of the beast they have created.  However, there is a wealth of artistic integrity to the album, that will provide a wider scope for those that like their music accompanying installations and such like; and I imagine that this duo could couple this up with some visually stimulating entertainment on the live circuit.



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