AMUTE: Bending Time in Waves CD Humpty Dumpty Records


AMUTE: Bending Time in Waves CD Humpty Dumpty Records

Jérôme Deuson has produced a number of albums under this moniker and it’s almost shameful that I haven’t heard any of them up until this point.

Opener, ‘You’re Free Now’ is a chaotic barrage of melodic, yet distorted guitars and percussion, densely layered into a wall of sound not too dissimilar to Godspeed You! Black Emperor and that is praise enough indeed; being a fan of theirs and all that they have accomplished.

Jungle rhythms kick their way into a sea of delayed ambience on ‘Internal Eternal’, creating a contrasting space to their opening counterpart, with the Fennesz-like waves of looping guitar reverberating the ether, on ‘Solar Flames’ and the exceptional ‘Bending Time in Waves’.

Other influences play their hand, such as Mogwai and Tim Hecker; as well as the aforementioned GY!BE and the mighty Fennesz and Amute does them all justice, paying homage with his own interpretations and amalgamations, to great effect.

As well as this being a splendid release in its entirety, it’s also in aid of a worthy cause.  Head off to Amute’s Bandcamp site; and all orders benefit a charity towards aiding Warburg Micro Syndrome.  It appears that Deuson not only has a heart musically, but ethically as well; and that has to be commended.


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