ITAL TEK: Hollowed 2xLP/CD Planet Mu


ITAL TEK: Hollowed         2xLP/CD   Planet Mu

Alan Myson’s latest album is the culmination of two years sat in the studio, reliving old techniques that he originally started out with as tools for the journey ahead.

Broodingly dark, yet with shimmers of desperate hope, opener ‘A Delicate Balance’ is just that; the musical equivalent of fingers clawing at the edges of a bottomless pit, with an angelic hand reaching down to pull the you away from the impending fall.

The ghostly vocals of ‘Redeemer’ are a wonder to behold on the atmospheric scale; and it’s this variation in approach from say, the grinding Industrial inky black march of ‘Reflection Through Destruction’, that keeps the listener on their toes.

Alan flirts with various elements of electronica throughout ‘Hollowed’, but keeps an overall aesthetic for continuity purposes. Ambient tones flitter between the brightest of whites and the darkest of blacks; occasionally straddling dystopian visions of the future along the way.

Sonically speaking, the range on this latest album is a far cry from more previous dance oriented work and is all the better for it; smacking with a new found maturity and purpose. Whilst not being the most accomplished in this newfound field, this album does have enough weight and chamber reverberation to resonate loudly for some time to come.


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