DRIFTMACHINE: Eis Heauton LP Hallow Ground

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DRIFTMACHINE: Eis Heauton    LP Hallow Ground

Titled with the Greek term for having a ‘conversation with ones self’ is surely something we can all relate to; it also gives an intimate and personal edge to the stark electronics displayed on the latest album by this Berlin based duo.

Modular synths are heavily on the agenda here, with echoing dub influences pitter-pattering amongst ominous tones and delayed, sparse electronic intersections. Florian Zimmer and Andreas Gerth, experiment with space, where little is more; and each note is given its own stage to reverberate and shine.

‘Eis Heauton’ is a peculiar affair, but nonetheless more engaging because of it. A robotic world of hums and wiry stretched bleeps portraying a future that never happened; a cacophony of archaic computer systems that became self-aware, fumbling around in a graveyard of underpowered CPU’s. Either way, for all its faults, Driftmachine’s latest output is genuinely intriguing, if not restricted by its limited appeal.


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