SIMON WHETHAM: Against Nature CD Crónica


SIMON WHETHAM: Against Nature   CD Crónica

‘Against Nature’, comprises of five tracks with the same title (that of the album). Coupled with a press release that provides more in a literary context than its audio companion could ever, can make your mind boggle as to just what medication people are on (or should be).

Regardless of the reference to the decadent work by Huysmans; ‘Against Nature’, for the most part, is nothing more than a collection of electronic noises, field recordings and frustrating pitches. Whetham does display an ear for ambient; and when he does, it’s a successful intervention. However, these excursions are too few and far between to appease the irritation of having your eardrums audibly scraped out along the way.

There is a whole market out there for people who produce audio in such a fashion; indeed the Portuguese label this resides on is a large exponent of it. More power to those that actively support and appreciate sound sculptors such as this; but I find it a touch too self-indulgent and irritating.


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