LUCIDSTATIC: Spaces Between CD Unguided Tactical Sounds


LUCIDSTATIC: Spaces Between     CD Unguided Tactical Sounds

James Church returns with his prolific Lucidstatic project; and his first on the rising Moscow based label UTSC, conceptually situated around his various highs and lows and the music that filled the space in-between these experiences.

Opener ‘Into the Darkness’, surprisingly enough, utilises a range of pads that are more uplifting than expected. Solid Industrial rhythms and breaks provide a sturdy foundation for airy synth-work and harmonious electronics; where Church faces his demons head on with an unabridged bravado.

The darker tinged soundtrack of ‘Where my Dreams Hide’ folds into a space age Breakbeat and melodically scattered ‘Deeper In’. Here, James experiments a touch more; and what transpires is a flagship for the audio equivalent of a sea of zero’s and ones.

Lucidstatic has a varying degree of weapons in his arsenal and utilises these to great effect. Bridging a web of Industrial, breaks and nostalgic electronics, with the odd smattering of masked Dubstep and IDM, has been a rewarding friend for Church. Whilst he never really produces that one song you simply cannot get out of your head; he has always formulated solid albums that make sense as a whole collective package.

‘Spaces Between’ once again, may not provide the listener with that one club ‘hit’ so to speak; but it does supply the listener with 11 tracks of intrigue and journeyman ingrained quality.


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