ROSS MANNING: Interlacing   LP ROOM40

Sound exploration is a tricky thing to manage well. More often than not, the artist creates something that is so introspective, that it alienates the listener; a lot of the time its because those creating music in such a format haven’t got a clue what their doing, let alone be capable of making music. Australia’s Manning; is a mixture of the two, with a vast knowledge of the sonic spectrums that he plays with, I did expect more and was a trifle let down.

Opener, ‘Led Vert’ is a warming ambient number that draws the listener in with consummate ease; as subtle wire like whirs dance over a welcoming hum. Unfortunately though, ‘Sinew and Cats’, is an catastrophic mess of irritating screeches and whines ad is best forgotten; alongside the pointless clatter of ‘%’.

‘Expand Scatter’ starts off well enough with comforting drones, but ends up falling apart in a sea of nonsense; leaving ‘Silhouettes to be a combination of all the styles on this album, culminating as one track.

I like ROOM40 and the majority of their output as a label; however, ‘Interlacing’ is one of the few disappointing releases to have come from that stable.


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