MARTIJN COMES: Tradition Noise CD The Silent Howl


MARTIJN COMES: Tradition Noise   CD The Silent Howl

This is Comes’ fourth album; and explores the musical and cultural fragmentation of foreign sounds through a noise aesthetic.

‘Depths of the Nile’ opens up the proceedings with a rich ethnicity with regards to the instrumentation sampled. A multitude of layers flows a blister pack of noise, filtering out as a more tuneful Power Electronics.

After a bit of the non-entity that is ‘Sinal Desert’, the glitched out ambience of ‘Empty City of the Full Moon is more than welcoming; subtly building into a cascading array of disjointed electronics, signifying a key shift in the albums direction. The musical rhythmic noise of ‘Old Morocco’ has enough IDM-ism’s in play to make it interesting and once again leads into a bed of off-kilter harmonics and sporadic electronics.

The rest of the album follows suit and all in all is a fairly interesting affair, if not anything that will set the world alight. I hadn’t heard anything by Martijn before today; but there is much to enjoy throughout this album and I will take note and hunt down his previous releases.



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