COLIN POTTER: Rank Sonata LP Hallow Ground


COLIN POTTER: Rank Sonata LP Hallow Ground

From the collaborator of Nurse With Wound, Current 93 and Organum comes a responsibility to produce something more than credible in the music stakes; and Potter need not hang his head in shame.

An old school ethos flows well through this (what appears to be) mainly analogue affair, with opener, ‘A Wider Pail of Shale’ (you see what he did there?) providing a steady array of Industrial tribal beats, electronics and instrumentation that are pleasing to the ear.

Off-kilter synths are next up on ‘And’, utilising a bastardised and slowed down, stuttering dance arpeggio. The tension rises as the track progresses, with light orchestration ascending through the mix; and for me is most likely the best track on the album.

‘Knit Where?’ sub grinds out electronics alongside a steadfast thump. As the track progresses so does the background volume of the static infused sounds, making for an engaging listen, where things don’t exactly kick off as you might imagine; instead petering out into the ether.

Closing this release is ‘Beyond the Pail’, utilising all his skills in DIY Industrial that has served him well throughout his musical career and reigniting his efforts on track 1. Hypnotic electronics and machine-like overdrives, fuels a riotous end to what is all in all, a fine album from start to finish.


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