GINTAS K: Message in a Bottle CD Lithuanian Music Information and Publishing Centre


GINTAS K: Message in a Bottle   CD Lithuanian Music Information and Publishing Centre

Many will be familiar with Gintas’ previous works in the 90’s when he fronted electronic industrial act Modus; which took him up to 1999 when he started out with this, his solo career.

Over the years with multiple releases, Gintas has produced a wide variety of work that covers a large selection of experimental electronic music; usually accompanied by some form of performance or installation. ‘Message in a Bottle’ is a compilation album covering much of his work previously released on a plethora of labels.

Over the years I have encountered much of this work before and I loathe and love his output (sadly, it’s usually the former), such is the variation thematically throughout his musical career. Bearing this in mind, it was no surprise that I should feel the same about a release covering a broad section of what he has produced.

When he shines, he is truly awe-inspiring; from droning ambience pebble dashed with grains of glitch and noise, to light strokes of charmed instrumentation. This rarity however, has always been offset with his insistence on fiddling around with obscurity and my most hated of genre’s; Field Recordings’.

There are some out there who love Gintas for all he has achieved and still lap up his releases. Kudos to him for his persistence and the pleasure he brings to some. For me however, I have little time for the majority of his work, even if this compilation does cover some of his better efforts.



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