BRUCKNER: Happy End 12” EP Moozak


BRUCKNER: Happy End   12” EP Moozak

The joint efforts of Didi Bruckmeyer and Bernard Loibner come together on this rather limited vinyl EP. Improvised acoustics sitting amongst a bed of warm electronics appears to be the order of the day; and whilst being systematically bonkers, it is intriguing and listenable.

The vocals on this release are cut into a peculiar array of odd chants and warbles; and opening track ‘Further’ for all its nonsense, to my surprise didn’t culminate in me switching this off.  For the most part, there is an almost low-fi feel to the proceedings; such is the pleasantry. Chirpy harmonics flutter away, as the tracks come and go with relative speed.

‘Happy End’, lets be fair, is no world-beater; and for the most part this feels amateurish and underdeveloped.   However, it’s one of those releases that for some unknown reason, sinks under your skin; and I listened to this end-to-end, without any inclination to back away. This is most likely where the magic lies, with Bruckner toying with the synapses on an infantile, yet pleasing level. Either way, as hard as this is to review, being devoid of genre; I can’t hate it.


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