Rafael Espinosa has made a name for himself over the years with a number of albums; and now we have this latest EP on vinyl as a follow on from 2012’s ‘Data Transmission’ and prequel to his forthcoming album

As is befitting for vinyl, Geistform has turned his attention to making the music more danceable and therefore more mixable (for those that know how to DJ properly). The title track has a clinically cold techno vibe throughout; and is immediately listenable, without falling into a commercial trap, that wouldn’t suit the label Espinosa, has made his home.

Hands as a label, has always allowed experimentation from the artists on its roster, as long as they keep some sort of familiar form.  Therefore, it’s a pleasure to witness the change and evolution that Geistform has been allowed to present here; even if some diehard followers of the label, will most likely abhor the club sensibilities of the music on offer (and when I say ‘club’, I don’t mean your local Industrial music venue).

‘Tension’ is a fantastic and engaging listen from start to finish across all of its four tracks.  Musically, it’s one of those neat extended player’s that is a pleasure to turn on the table; as there is so much you could do with this in the mixing stakes.  A careful balance of beat and harmonics is pleasurable to the ears; and it’s almost impossible to sit still to, from the moment the stylus hits the welcoming groove.



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