ANCIENT METHODS: Turning Ice Realities Into Fire Dreams EP 12” HANDS


ANCIENT METHODS: Turning Ice Realities Into Fire Dreams EP   12” HANDS

Immediately not following the form as far as EP titles go, this latest release from Ancient Methods is the latest in a discography that is devoid of albums, surprisingly.  In a way it is quirky when an act has been around as long as this duo and just releases EP’s; and I applaud the amount of vinyl in their back catalogue and their ability to steer away from releasing full-length albums.

Ancient Methods provide an odd mix of colliding genre’s that really shouldn’t work on paper, yet surprisingly does.  There’s an overt Post-Punk aesthetic to their work that doesn’t translate into the music; but instead provides a landscape for simplistic electronica and cod techno to flutter amongst a sea of basic industrial rhythms and bleak arrangements.

There is much to this that tips its hat to early pioneers such as Throbbing Gristle and the like, without falling into the trap of being dreadful (lets be fair; as enjoyable as TG are, they were rubbish in reality).  Off kilter experimentation provides a level of intrigue to ‘Turning Ice realities…’ and that is vital and indeed pivotal to the relevancy of this EP.

Is this the most enjoyable listen I have had this year? Absolutely not.   Will I play this often? Maybe. Ancient Methods are a decent enough act and I will be fair with the scoring.  This release is a grower, no doubt; but I can see the potential.  It’s likely this will get a few spins on those afternoons off, when I sit in a sea of vinyl with beer in hand


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