As debut albums go, Swedish producer Marcus Wrangö has created something that is way more worthy than that of a digital download. ‘4040’ would benefit more from being a physical release; and it’s disgraceful that no one has picked this up to do so.

Marcus’ stage moniker pretty much encapsulates everything that the project is about. Sparse techno and electronic saturation that is stripped bare, plays out with a simplicity that is both hypnotic and engaging from the off.

Subtle influxes of sound that are applied to each track are key in forming a cohesive glue; and help keep momentum as the beats patter on in low-fi form. Both futuristic, yet nostalgic; Wavemultiplier, has an essence that toys with older forms of electronic music, cleansing the multiform overtones as they glide over a bed of rhythmic pulses.

In fairness, there is a great deal of repetition with ‘4040’. However, this is essential in making this album what it is. Where other albums with a similar structure fail; Wrangö keeps form and the journey is far from tedious. Here be the lesson in how keeping something simple, is sometimes the best way to go.


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