MÖSTRÖM: We Speak Whale LP/CD Unrecords


MÖSTRÖM: We Speak Whale LP/CD Unrecords

With the press bumpf being in German, I was lost in trying to translate anything relating to the artist (with my limited knowledge); so it was just down to slotting in the CD and seeing where it goes.

‘We Speak Whale’ is barking mad; laugh out loud even. Blasts of noise, wonky piano and bass clarinet are the backdrop of tracks such as ‘Humpty Dumpty’; whilst the title track is a collection of instrumentation that try to do just what it says on the tin.

Some of this is actually good on an outright noise artist level; the rest is plain ludicrous. Nothing is uniform, but there is time for some hilarity and I have to admit actually enjoying some of the insanity that prevails; especially on the downright bonkers, ‘Spuckspielautomat’.

In all honesty, I could have torn this limb from limb; but it made me laugh too much to be nasty. It is bloody awful and no mistake, but somewhere in there it’s pretty damn obvious these guys know how to play their instruments; so I will let them off. Nothing more to say, I will just sit here, chuckle and scratch my head in confusion.


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