KRENG: The Summoner LP/CD Miasmah Recordings


KRENG: The Summoner LP/CD Miasmah Recordings

It’s been four years since the last Kreng album ‘Grimoire’; and in a beautifully packaged laser cut bronze cover (for the vinyl), ‘The Summoner’ starts off where his last opus left us.

‘Denial’ is a growing mass of bleak ‘Dark Ambient’ that falls into a sea of intermittent 12 string layers. The end result has an unnerving shock factor, due to the volume of the two together and the infrequency in which it hits you square in the face.

‘Anger’ follows a similar path, but for the most part remains in a cavern of reverb, where the strings haunt the far ends of the chamber and roll towards the listener like a tsunami. It’s no less impressive (possibly more so) than the opener; due to feel of impending doom it collects on its journey.

Thematically, this album is based on five stages of mourning after Kreng lost a few close personal friends. These occurrences in life hit us all differently and ‘The Summoner’ wraps up its beauty in a cloak of dismay and clinical aggression (in the form of strings). It is overall, a brutal affair; and the subject of death for the most part, is a horrible experience to endure, especially when we care for the ones that leave us.

I am a massive fan of Dark Ambient and its associated genres. Kreng has produced here, an album that matches up and in some cases betters its peers; and is no less a jarring affair, with many a nook and cranny to swallow you up whole.



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