HANNO LEICHTMANN: Unfinished Portrait of Youth Today LP Karlrecords


HANNO LEICHTMANN: Unfinished Portrait of Youth Today LP Karlrecords

A prolific figure in Berlin’s experimental electronic music scene, Leichtmann has released several albums under his own name and many an alias. I personally have never encountered his music before, so there was a lot to take in with this being a 29-track album, albeit with very short songs.

With the longest track on the album merely clipping just over two minutes, it is hard to become immersed in everything that is going on. Sounds vary; from delayed guitars to odd flashes of staggered techno and 80’s pop influences, playing on repetition.

The annoying thing is, that many of the tracks have a lot to offer; but just end before they even begin. Without witnessing any evidence to suggest otherwise, I can only feel that Hanno would struggle to compose anything of any great length. I am sure he actually could; and would most likely benefit from doing so.

There is much on here I did enjoy sonically; as there are stages on the release that flutter in an IDM fashion. But without something to fully latch onto, I can only file this under one of those collectable oddities that I most likely won’t pick up to play, ever again.


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