YUI ONODERA: Semi Lattice CD Baskaru


YUI ONODERA: Semi Lattice CD Baskaru

Japan’s Yui Onodera; a student of both music and architecture, has produced a few releases now and I have missed them all up to this point. His latest seven-tracker is effectively the same song split into individual parts.

Track 1 pitches varying degrees of ambient, multi-layered and resonating over the top of one another; gradually becoming an overdriven swell of guitar noise, that instantly reminded me of Fennesz.

The clattering percussive elements of track 2 show an evolving change in tack; where compression and reverberation is key to the chamber resonations that give the song a full warmth and glow.

Track 3 for me, is where Onodera shines at his brightest. Ever so slightly delayed pads, wash over each other as a rich sonic wave; and gradually build into a deep tsunami of sound that envelops the listener, holding their head just above the wash.

Yui holds his own when comparing him to others that toy with this genre. As stated earlier, he does owe a lot to Christian Fennesz; and there are touches of others, such as Dalhous along the way as well. ‘Semi Lattice’ is an accomplished piece of work that isn’t afraid to change mood and pitch on a dime; and is an excellent listen from start to finish.


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