Many people have given praise to Mieville and his work with field recordings. Many know my stance on the medium and that it should be utilised sparingly and with versatility; and it is always worrying when and artist uses them as his/her main source of production.

Opener ‘Fertile Drone’, sadly is a mess from the off. A clattering racket of nonsensical gibberish, that only comes to life after four and a half minutes of pointless recordings that we couldn’t care less about; which is a shame really as the droning ambience that appears from this point on, really added something special to the proceedings.

‘Sur Le Pont’ is just an array of electrical recordings, whilst ‘Watt Station’ is a multitude of machinery sounds; that only come good towards the end. The final Track ‘Island Ferrysm is a combination of the last two tracks sound wise, but isn’t any less worthless.

The real shame with Mieville’s latest output; is that within the realms of the redundant recordings, he shows the odd flare of originality that he fails to capitalise on. Momentary lapses where he actually produces music; and forgets his misconceptions that we give a toss about his random collection of stupid recordings. He does piece things together better than a lot of people who fanny around with their own self-importance in this way; but really should invest more time in his obvious, albeit rare, real talents.


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