CHANT: Brave New Apocalypse CD WTII Records


CHANT: Brave New Apocalypse CD WTII Records

The brainchild of Bradley Bills; my first encounter with the project Chant, was witnessing him assisted by cohort Alvin Melivin, live at the UK’s Infest. With them being the weekend’s finest act by a mile, there was a lot to live up to on record; and luckily this latest album more than matches them in the live arena.

It would be lazy journalism to spout that the opening title track owes a lot to NIN; but in all fairness, it does. This is no bad thing of course and Bills does more than enough to make it his own.

There’s a distinct 90’s British indie flair that rides through Chant, blending well with the old school American Industrial charm; with ‘Cycles’ and ‘Manifesto’ providing a riotous romp that tear through the speakers with gusto.

A prominent factor in Chant’s work are the analogue rhythm sections, which pound hypnotically throughout all of ‘Brave New Apocalypse’; and are the essential ingredient that gives Brads project the edge over many pretenders to the crown. Coupled with clinical programming and razor tinged guitars, there isn’t much not to like with the outcome.

I have been somewhat disinterested in the Industrial scene for some time if truth be told (years even); and it has been some time since I actually put a record on of that ilk for pure listening pleasure alone (as opposed to just for reviewing). Chant have changed the mould for me somewhat, in that I have happily blasted this out of the hi-fi on more than a few occasions now, which is no mean feat, considering how dire and uninteresting I view the current circuit.

There is a lesson out there for all those acts just starting out in the Industrial scene (indeed some of those that have been around a while); and ‘BNA’ is a clinical lecture in how to nail it bang on the money.


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