KENNETH KIRSCHNER: Compressions & Rarefactions CD 12k


KENNETH KIRSCHNER: Compressions & Rarefactions CD 12k

Kirschner has released a wide variety of work over the years and this latest is the 4th on the 12k label, whom by and large have released nothing but quality, for the majority of albums I have got my mitts on.  I have to confess to not hearing any of Kenneth’s works up to this point; and to be fair; the overblown press bumpf doesn’t actually sell him to me.

KK’s work has often been described as “challenging” and to some; I feel it most likely is.  Blending a pool of electronic and chamber music isn’t anything I haven’t heard before, plodding on it’s way and occasionally flirting with Drone.

‘Compressions & Rarefactions’ does have its moments.  Spangling instrumentation occasionally shines a brief light along the way, but is over in a flash; and when KK is actually onto something, he tends to meander and admire these spectacular interruptions, until they outstay their welcome.

I will give credit where it’s due though.  Kenneth does know how to play a multitude of instrumentation; and when he sets his mind to it, he does it with degree of professionalism.  Prolific as he is, for those that dare venture, there is a further mammoth 6.5 hours of music (in the form of a digital download) that comes with this CD.  I have to abstain however, as there are only so many hours in the day; and whilst I respect the effort that has gone into this album, I simply have more emotive things to listen to.



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