DATASHOCK: Keine Oase in Sicht 2XLP Dekorder


DATASHOCK: Keine Oase in Sicht   2XLP Dekorder

‘No Oasis in Sight’ is the latest improvised affair in Datashock’s lengthy tenure; and given the title of this latest album, its no surprise to hear the overt desert like snake charmer pipes and wails permeate the release.

A driven ethnicity of sounds from tribal rhythms, bells and instrumentation do make for thematically sound album; however, this style of music doesn’t do anything for me at all. Droning chants and what appears to be traditional throat singing, make an appearance over the top of subtle guitars; and whilst my cat seemed to love it, this just seemed like a very drawn out affair.

Datashock appear to be about 45-50 years out of sync musically; and I am sure this would have gone down well at many a festival in the 60’s, indeed the Summer of Love. For the most part, the warm rich musicianship is lost on me if I am to be honest. It’s well played, well pieced together and there’s no doubt as to the skill and talent everyone involved collectively has. I just don’t care to listen to such sounds; but whatever floats your boat, peace out hippies.


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