KE/HIL: Zone 0 LP/CD Tesco Organisation


KE/HIL: Zone 0 LP/CD Tesco Organisation

Ke/HIL is the latest project from B. Moloch and W. Herich, who have now hung up their well-worn Anenzephalia coats; and it’s not surprising to learn that there are similarities between the two projects, albeit with key subtleties.

‘Zone 0’ pertains to a geographical urban location that is given on an accompanying map; and if the music is anything to go by, it’s going to be one hell of a journey. Opening up with ‘Work.Church.Poverty’ we soon learn what this project is all about, with electronic structured clatters, grinding Power Electronics and experimental noise; but clinically polished, like a stripped down version of their previous outlet.

In contrast, ‘Passage’ utilises drone and Dark ambient, as a sinister bedfellow to the nightmare PE of the squelching demon that is ‘Bridges’ and the decay-ridden throb of ‘Infirmity Anthem’; and splits the album firmly in two.

‘Ghost of Common Past’ steadily marches as a protest in true Industrial fashion that differs from its counterparts; whilst ‘Children of the Devolution follows suit, taking on a more musical approach, courtesy of cinematic pads that ride the waves on a sea of black ambient.

The end comes in the form of radio interfered ‘Lifebuster’, which seals the album off perfectly. Thematically speaking, ‘Zone 0’ is the epitome of what drives the duo that produced the visceral ‘Anenzephalia’, dealing with social conforms and the issue of control; and here of course is where the parallels are drawn. However, musically speaking, marginal differences in sound give Ke/HIL a life of its own and more power to two of the genres long-termer’s, moving forward with a new lease of life.


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