BRIGHTER DEATH NOW: With Promises of Death LP/CD Familjegraven/Tesco Distribution


BRIGHTER DEATH NOW: With Promises of Death LP/CD Familjegraven/Tesco Distribution

Roger Karmanik has a new label (his own) and his first new album in eight years to celebrate with, in the form of ‘With Promises of Death’.

Unforgiving and uncompromising as ever, BDN are back with a blistering array of unwavering Power Electronics, which surge and blast out at full force with the ever present and familiar punk ethos to the vocal styling of Karmanik, who is on top form from the word go.

‘Hate is for Beginners’ is an entirely different beast from the opening title track. With an almost distorted beat rhythmicity carrying a wash of delayed vocals and machine-like hums and samples. Dramatically different once again are the wire distortions of ‘Tempting Murder’ and heartbeat pulses of ‘The Cover-Up’; the latter driving a simulated hypnosis that draws the listener in, with throttling menace.

The chamber echoing overdrive of ‘Incomprehensive Evil’, plays with Dark Ambient sensibilities, whilst the multi-layered ‘To Die Lullabye’ takes things one step further and gives a spark of light that eventually fades as you fall into a chasm of sound. A modest and surprisingly meandering ‘In the Shadows of Death’ is lifted by the final track of butchered sampling that is ‘End of the 80’s’; and the famed Roger Karmanik sense of humour is once more present as with previous BDN works.

It’s good to see this project once more rear its ugly head and to re-take its throne at the top of the PE tree; although a trifle more serious than a lot of the projects past, but necessary in staking Roger’s claim as a force to be reckoned with where this genre is concerned.



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