ANENZEPHALIA: Instrumentalities (Singles collection 1991-2008) CD Tesco Organisation


ANENZEPHALIA: Instrumentalities (Singles collection 1991-2008) CD Tesco Organisation

Of course, many a genre out there release actual physical singles; but I cannot help draw a smile at a release, with a title that almost certainly mocks popular music and the flimsy “culture” within which it resides.

‘Instrumentalities’ is of course, the swansong of sorts for this popular (relative to the scene) outfit, who for many a year have terrorised the underground PE movement with their visceral array of uncompromising aural brutality and surprisingly complex musicality, which will only be appreciated by their hardcore following. Compiling tracks that were released on 7, 10 and 12-inch formats gives the uninitiated a second chance at soaking up what these guys were all about.

Cold and threatening there is much on here to absorb and enjoy; although with titles such as ‘Mechanical Rape’ and ‘Mindcancer’, this will only be by their rabid and loyal followers. However, this is just how the upper echelons of artists within the Power Electronics genre like it, as this keeps a steady longevity with little dilution amongst its ranks to pollute the cause.

As with a lot of projects out there, it’s always sad to see something of such worth come to an end. Anenzephalia though, will always be remembered for their controlled rage and complex swirls of noise ridden angst; and it is indeed better they go out on a high, rather than whimper and fade like so many before them.


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