YASUNAO TONE / TALIBAM! / SAM KULIK: Double Automation LP Karlrecords


YASUNAO TONE / TALIBAM! / SAM KULIK: Double Automation LP Karlrecords

There’s only going to be one outcome when you collectively place avant-gardist, Yasunao Tone, experimental duo, Talibam! and trombonist, Sam Kulik in a room together; and that’s a sheer wall of stupidity passing itself off as music, if this release is anything to go by.

‘Op Apsis’ and its counterpart, ‘Spome Trope’ warble out of the speakers at 100db with a sheer lack of form and function; a perplexing chaotic mess that unravels ridiculously over the course of the album.

Individually speaking, each of this trio does have the ability to produce something of worth; so I am flabbergasted that this complete piss-take of noise ever made it to physical release status, let alone vinyl.

Over the years there have been many artists out there who have perfected this kind of relationship with sound. Whitehouse spring to mind when developing extreme electronics; and they are the masters of this field. Tone, Talibam! and Kulik are not; not even by a long shot.


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