JOHN CHANTLER: Even Clean Hands Damage the Work LP ROOM40


JOHN CHANTLER: Even Clean Hands Damage the Work LP ROOM40

Following on from 2011’s ‘The Luminous Ground’, Chantler continues his experimentation with electrical sounds that grind and whir as textures and noise, as opposed to actual music.

There is an eccentricity to John’s work that is almost palatable. However, for the most part this will not sit well with many.

Sitting on the fringes of experimentalism is one thing; unfortunately though, neither providing enough musicianship for the leftfield out there; nor those that would appreciate this the most (those who reside in the realms of Power Electronics), leaves him sat on the fence, somewhat directionless.

Hidden amongst this work are varying key structures; and it takes a keen ear to pick these out. Ultimately this is where this latest work shines, but it will be missed by the many (who take this album at face value).

Overall I have to give kudos to Chantler for standing his ground and merely producing what he enjoys, without folding and giving in to convention; but this will forever leave him in limbo (musically speaking), should he not decide which path he is going to take in the future.


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