CHIHEI HATAKEYAMA: Moon Light Reflecting Over Mountains CD ROOM40


CHIHEI HATAKEYAMA: Moon Light Reflecting Over Mountains CD ROOM40

Drawing on 30 years of influences, for his latest in a long line of releases, Chihei Hatakeyama brings together eight tracks of straightforward ambient pads, drones and soundscapes.

‘Prince of the Sea’ opens up well with a simplistic array of ascending strings, that whilst don’t baffle the listener with science; immediately draw attention.

‘Path of the Sacred Forest’ carries a more distant tone, as though you are viewing the music from afar as pictures amongst the branches of trees, which are then reflected back through a ‘Broken Mirror’.

Guitar drones overdrive their ambience on ‘Mausoleum’, whilst their acoustic variant is the basis of ‘A Bronze Pike’. Hatakeyama then proceeds on drawing on all these influences for the rest of the album.

‘Moon Light…’ is a decent piece of work. Not too distant from the sounds of Fennesz (but ultimately not as concise), Chihei, thematically has constructed this album well enough to enjoy and appreciate; although for me something is lacking, preventing him from touching the echelons of ambient music’s big boys just yet.


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