AIDEN BAKER: The Sea Swells a Bit 2xLP Ici d’Ailleurs


AIDEN BAKER: The Sea Swells a Bit 2xLP Ici d’Ailleurs

The Ici d’Ailleurs label have been re-issuing a fair bit on their catalogue of late and next up is Aiden Baker’s 2006 album ‘The Sea Swells a Bit’; an album, which shows Baker shining brightest when he is without collaborative interruption.

The opener and title track is a beautiful array of simplistic guitar chords that glide repetitively with low-key pads and muted drones. This lengthy track rarely changes kilter throughout, nor does it change its key structure; but ultimately shines in holding the listener in a hypnotic state.

In contrast ‘When Sailors Die’ and ‘Davey Jones’ Locker’ utilise percussion, drifting between space rock and elements of Pink Floyd; both of which are uplifting and invigorating in equal measure.

The last side of the 2nd vinyl is a live version of the title track and for me is somewhat a cop-out when the space could have been utilised more effectively. Overall however, ‘The Sea Swells a Bit’ is one of Baker’s better works and the title track itself is excellent (and that’s both versions, studio and live). If you have never listened to any of Aiden’s work before then you wouldn’t go far wrong starting here.


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