DECODER ENSEMBLE: Fùr Aktuelle Musik CD Ahornfelder


DECODER ENSEMBLE: Fùr Aktuelle Musik CD Ahornfelder

Founded in Hamburg in Germany circa 2011, the Decoder Ensemble comprises of six composers producing a collection of Avant Garde curiosities that frankly are barely listenable.

Track one, ‘Nischenmusik mit Klopfgeistern’ bounces along with bells, whistles, electronics, scattered piano and screaming banshee yells; the end result being me sat in in my chair, laughing out loud.

‘Superimpose V’ crashes along with percussion and various sounds that sometimes belt out like one long fart, whilst ‘Flug P’ has a degree of ambient that works, but is ultimately interrupted by god knows what.

Being bizarre is one thing, but producing one long album of random instrumentation and chucking them round in a proverbial tub with purpose, must take some real effort; or missed medication intake. Whilst Decoder Ensemble have produced one of the craziest releases I have been exposed to in an age, it is one of the happiest and carefree examples of clowning about I have heard in some time; even if it is unadulterated pointless shit.


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