V/A: Forms of Hands 15 CD HANDS


V/A: Forms of Hands 15 CD HANDS

The long standing Forms of Hands festival has just completed its 15th cycle and once again we have an accompanying compilation of all the artists that blasted out rhythms aplenty at the event. It’s a testament to the label and fans alike, that still attend and purchase music from the long standing record label, that everything still seems rosy in noise land; and they all deserve a pat on the back for this.

Opening up this release we have the dark techno pulses of Supersimmetria; an artist who impressed me with the ultra cool album ‘Kosmogonie’ recently. The thumping bass and beats immediately tempered with the obscurities of Norm and the pounding Wieloryb, who always sounds better with singular tracks than a whole album to trawl through.

With a sub-standard appearance from Totakeke and Maschinenkrieger KR52, it’s up to Ancient Methods bizarre electronics and the unstoppable Winterkälte to bring the quality; the latter displaying a cleaner new output that bodes well for a possible future release, with a more punk structure to punch the distorted beat of ‘Climate Change Denial’ through the speakers effectively.

Other tracks of note come from Sylvgheist Maëlström and Ah-Cama-Sotz, who bring something other to the table than the 4-4 noise that omits from other acts on the release; and display the welcome variation that the label on the surface, doesn’t bring to the casual observer. Overall this is a steady compilation that once again competently does its job well and whilst some tracks are no shows, there are some actual gems on here.



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