Frank Mokros has always been a prolific artist with his constant output of Totakeke and Synth-Etik; two opposing forces that displayed the harsh tempered with the intricate evolution of harmony. Over the years however and in particular with Totakeke, the lines have become ever so slightly blurred; and it’s good to just sit through a Synth-Etik album doing exactly what I expect of it.

‘Monsters Among Us’ comes to life in fluid fashion, with glitching noises and distorted ambience leading the beats into punching dance-floor territory; making way for the sparse and minimal title track to mechanically plod through.

The fast paced glitch of ‘Anonymous’ opens up the gliding modern electronica of ‘Rapid Succession’ and the cold hybrid of slicing beeps and crunchy snares of ‘Impact Parameter’; the latter displaying a clinical precision that is a welcome and engaging exercise in how to hypnotise a listener with purposeful beat singularity.

The rest of ‘Function’ follows suit with similarities in style and production that permeate through earlier parts of the release. This gives a constant to the album, as opposed to lack of variation, which would normally arise in these circumstances on other releases out there; and Mokros has produced a CD that sits well with the rest of this projects discography as a concise and rigid addition.



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