RIOTMILOO & FRIENDS: La Pierre Soudée CD Ant-Zen


RIOTMILOO & FRIENDS: La Pierre Soudée CD Ant-Zen

Riotmiloo (aka Emilie Verbieze) has been on the circuit for many a year now, being in great demand for her vocal talents on many a release for many an artist. This his her first release under her own moniker; and it’s fitting she has called for collaboration on this release as others have called on her talents in the past.

Documenting factual studies in women’s suffering in the world, this release goes straight for the jugular pretty much from the off, with the cold electronics of Eva|3 assisting in the title track providing the first visceral slice.

Dirk Ivens aides Verbieze in spitting out her voice as effective punk-ish venom, merging well with Philipp Münch’s collaborative efforts on ‘Monster’. An almost anarchistic feel to the vocals help push the message across well with a duality that allows the stories to be translated to the listener; forceful but not as oppressive as the lyrical content itself, getting the statement across in a contemplative manner.

Musical styles vary but the thematically work as a whole given the subject manner and the electronics kept inky black. From the slick opaque tar trip-hop of ‘Child Bride’ with Scalper, to the electro-Industrial patter of ‘I Was Once’, with Chrysalide and the bombastic ‘Freedom From Fear’ with Babylone Chaos; the music as a whole may switch kilter, but systematically gels seamlessly due to the order in which they appear on the album.

The roster on ‘La Pierre Soudée’ showcases the abilities of the artists to great effect, whilst retaining the nobility of this being Emilie’s baby, throughout. Under her direction she has produced a mature and emphatic release that has an essential variation in acoustics, keeping the listener on their toes; providing a platform to bring the valid and often ignored message home.



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