TANGTYPE: Trajet CD Humpty Dumpty Records


TANGTYPE: Trajet CD Humpty Dumpty Records

The duo of Tangtype have been producing together for a number of years combining a constant shuffle of elements that make up their collective sound. With a colliding blend of electronic tribal elements and doubled vocals thrown in from all angles, the result is an obscure mix that only settles on the majority of the tracks, when the bass levels out as the main harmony; ‘The Drifting Cycle’ being the main example of this.

The title track is a peculiar mash of evocative vocals, off-kilter acoustic and slide guitars and slowed down elements of dubstep rhythms played out with a more analogue patch; the result feels entirely original and is more than listenable considering the ingredients utilised to create it.

Many a genre is crossed on ‘Trajet’, and reined in with Jazz percussion. The vocals remind me of Mary-Dee from Chainsuck and have that undeniable ability to ooze under the skin, providing a beautifully creeping weirdness that touches on aspects of pop commercialism, whilst being undercut with strains of insanity. A truly different release that won me over the moment Julie Cambier opened her mouth.


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