SISTER MACHINE GUN: The Future Unformed CDep WTII Records


SISTER MACHINE GUN: The Future Unformed CDep WTII Records

Everything goes full circle of sorts as Chicago Electro-Rock semi-legends Sister Machine Gun find themselves on a label with the DNA of Wax Trax! Records. After four albums from the pioneering label and a further six on their own base, Positron!, it seems fitting that they now find themselves a new home on Wax Trax II.

What we have with ‘The Future Unformed’ is a nod at past glories, with an injection of newfound energy and positivity that I felt was needed to stop the stagnation, which in part was coming from the scene in general; and with five new tracks as a resurgence to form, I can only imagine that we may be due a new wave of old school American Industrial, that harks back to the ethics that Jim Nash and Danny Flescher envisaged way back when; which should be now safe in the hands of Bart Pfanenstiel and Dave Schock.

It’s fair to say there isn’t a dud track on this EP at all, from the rip-roaring ‘Insect’, slick ‘Coldstar’, the punching statement of ‘Protest’, old school ‘Subgod’ and the oozing creeper that is, ‘Closer’. Five tracks that are invigorating and essential for anyone with a penchant for an age where music mattered, let’s hope we see a new full-length release soon; and I couldn’t think of a more fitting label for it to be showcased on.


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