RYDBERG: s/t CD Monotype Records


RYDBERG: s/t CD Monotype Records

Nicolas Bussmann and Werner Dafeldecker have individually been releasing work under their own names for a while now; and once again under the collective moniker of Rydberg have formulated a thematically charged three track album, that is as obscure as I expected.

Based on the premise that different sounds change temperature, then this duo have worked with the factor that warm days sound different to cold days as moist air sounds different to dry; yeah, it’s a batshit insane subject matter that doesn’t really translate into the music itself.

What we do have are warm pulsating tones and sub bass throbs, resonating at various pitches and frequencies (on ‘Elevator’, with the odd intersection of electronic mechanics that sit well on the ears. The harmonies and subtle glitches add variation on ‘Gardening’, providing an altogether more industrial/IDM feel to the album and are a welcome change from what I felt would be a solely ambient release.

Jazz percussion slides well into the scratching ‘And the Science’, as drones rise and bitcrushed electronics bleep and buzz in bouncing positivity, providing a surprisingly upbeat yet downtempo end to the proceedings; and ending the album on a quality high. As far as experimental releases go, this self-titled album creates a depth and warmth that engages the listener more than most within the genre; and is engaging from start to finish, with one single hiccup.



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