THE COCOON: While the Recording Engineer Sleeps LP/CD Staubgold


THE COCOON: While the Recording Engineer Sleeps LP/CD Staubgold

This is the first ever re-issue of The Cocoon’s 1985 psychedelic German supergroup of sorts; featuring legendary (for his scene) Jazz composer Gunter Hampel.

Vocally, there is much akin to Lou Reed and his stint in the Velvet Underground; indeed there is more of smattering stylistically in the music stakes too. It all makes for a mix, which will be for purists only; and as a genre it isn’t something that I personally enjoy, even it is inoffensive by and large.

By its very nature, ‘While the Recording Engineer Sleeps’ sounds invariably older than the decade it was created in; and even more out of touch now in the 21st century. Vibraphones, Flute, bass clarinet all make an appearance; and this trippy excursion into all things fantastical is on a par with a lucid LSD binge.

The Cocoon have ensured that the up to date mastering does a lot for modern Hi-Fi and everything sounds clear and concise. As stated before, there is nothing wrong with the songs themselves; however, this is just not for me.


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