The third album from Armando Alibrandi and the first under the HANDS label, covering a number of styles that always make good bedfellows.

Opener ‘Monodromia’ ticks one of my boxes straight away, with a barrage of Dark Ambient tinged with futuristic appeal; that gradually flows into a thumping, clinical techno driven beat. Alibrandi clearly likes his sounds polished and shiny; and this certainly hits the mark.

‘Casimir Effect’ grabs the baton handed over from track one and adds an Industrial edge compositionally speaking. Add some ghostly harmonies for good measure and everything gels perfectly, with the ethereal slant giving Supersimmetria its own voice.

There is a set formula to this project and in fairness ‘Kosmogonie’ doesn’t dare veer from its chosen path; and whilst that is a mild criticism, it doesn’t deter me as a listener in this case. I like sparse and OCD construction when it comes to music and Armando makes sure his tracks are scrubbed brutally clean; much in the same way his label mate Geistform does, minus a lot of the glitch (Geistform actually appears on this release in the form of a remix for ‘No Signal’ and is a good choice).

Being a sucker for choir chants, heavy beats and cute electronics, Supersimmetria for me, has produced an album that works excellently with its chosen aesthetic; and is thematically bang on the money from start to finish, even with the tendency to become a little samey in parts.


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