LABFIELD: Bucket of Songs CD Hubro


LABFIELD: Bucket of Songs CD Hubro

Labfield return with their third album that differs greatly from their previous affair, ‘Collab’ which concentrated their efforts on soundscapes. This time they focus on the dangerous game that is improvisation, with the rattled percussion of opener ‘Ragged Line Reversed’ intercepted with analogue grinds and drones.

Gentle string instrumentation patters along on ‘Page 55’ with little effect on the senses, but ultimately makes more sense on ‘Temporary Reasons’ as harmonics draw everything together in a more cohesive fashion; leading up to the sparse title track.

‘Intercourse in Bad Manners’ takes a singular drone and applies the odd electronic whir. Unfortunately for Labfield, this is where things take a turn for the worse, where their experimental outbursts fumble and become nothing more than pointless tedium.

As before, the re-application of instrumentation from earlier tracks joins in the party; and for me everything becomes a tad messy, formless and lacking structure of anything tangible. Awash with clean instrumentation, the lack of any key structure leaves the latter half of ‘Bucket of Songs’ sounding jumbled and unlistenable.



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