ILLEGAL TRADE: Acid For the Royal Family CD HANDS


ILLEGAL TRADE: Acid For the Royal Family CD HANDS

You may recognise the pair who collectively call themselves Illegal Trade. Indeed this is the side project of Natasha A. Twentyone and Alexey Protasov who are better known as Ambassador21. Of course, with no other cohorts involved there is always the worry that this project won’t sound too dissimilar to A21; and of course, it’s not really surprising when it doesn’t.

Opener ‘Olga is Dead’ starts off like an Ambassador 21 track, minus any riotous vocals; but is followed up with the title track, following the old school Hands formula of powernoise. With a computer game edge to the electronics; beats splice and crash and fall over themselves effectively to produce a barrage of destructive Gabba, that should at least, go down well live.

Time has moved on for me somewhat. I still have a penchant for distorted beat and rhythmic noise and I always go back to the old faves when the mood takes me; however, there is little out there that is actually new that really stirs me. Illegal Trade does its job and applies itself well, but if I am to be brutally honest, it’s all too easy for boredom to set in if a band follows a lineal approach in this manner from start to finish without much variation.

There is the odd snippet on this album that does it for me still and overall Illegal Trade have done an old genre some justice. The die-hards that still exist out there should get a lot out of this; and hitting their target audience in the appreciation stakes, is all Natasha and Alexey have to achieve.



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