Huntsville formed nine years ago and the trio have had a number of releases out and played over a hundred shows; and with that background should by now have the skill required to produce an album of great integrity.

As analogue as the instrumentation is, there is an overall electronic feel to the release and ‘Pond’ opens up with ‘(ER)’; which for the most part, utilises a dub foundation that is sporadically accompanied with sliding guitars and pads.

The overtly experimental ‘(ING)’ is pleasant and warm enough not to meander into self-gratification, whilst the ambient led ‘(AGE)’ sparkles and generates a peculiar, yet engaging array of folding guitar work.

Closer ‘(OK)’ builds ever so slowly, with a subtle fusion of tympani, guitar feedback and harmonics floating over a low-key heartbeat; closing the curtain on four lengthy, yet effective tracks that require a modicum of patience to thoroughly appreciate what’s on offer.

‘Pond’ will not necessarily set the world alight and will ultimately have a niche market, but is rewarding enough to give it a chance should you have a spare hour.


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