DÄLEK: From the Filthy Tongues of Gods and Griots 2xLP/CD Ici d’Ailleurs


DÄLEK: From the Filthy Tongues of Gods and Griots   2xLP/CD Ici d’Ailleurs

In 2002, the duo that is Dälek met up with Mike Patton (yes, he of Faith No More fame) and he released this very same album (the bands second), on his Ipecac label. This release eventually went out of print and has now been picked up by Ici d’ailleurs.

For those that have not yet been initiated, along with producer Oktopus, Dälek produce a grime ridden Industrial visceral mash-up of Hip-Hop that is as brutal and dark and relevant as it has ever been. The lyrics of ‘Spiritual Healing’ drip with many a question tinged with overtones of contempt and the underlying message that music is actually their only saviour.

I have to admit; I am not the greatest lover of Hip-Hop overall. However, ‘From the Filthy Tongues…’ does strike a chord with me in its construction and amalgamation with its more than fitting Industrial overtones. If truth-be-told, it’s more industrial than many an artist that lay claim to the moniker, due to its gritty nature and guttural urban grind.

Versatile in rapping and spoken word, Dälek also manage to hold sway with pace. The tracks work seamlessly as a whole and give the necessary pick up when things get darker. Dynamically sound as production values go, there is many a string to their bow that set them apart from the norm; and it’s good to see this release see light of day once again. Hip-Hop may not be a genre of choice for everyone (myself included), but Dälek really do things that little bit different to everyone else.



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