GOMILLA PARK: Ununoctium 12” EP Raster Notion


GOMILLA PARK: Ununoctium 12” EP Raster Notion

In the age of heresy that is digital downloads, it’s brilliant to see a label knocking out 12” EP’s and also physical releases of great quality (for the most part). I will hold my hand up high and express now that I haven’t heard of Gomilla Park before, but will be hunting down previous works with immediate effect.

Opening up this brief but effective extended player, is the rip-roaring ‘Leibniz’ with it’s punishing overdriven bass line; with a pounding monotone rhythm section that punches holes in the air for a slicing ambient pad to tear a visceral scar upon the listener.

Up next is the unsettling ‘Ramon Llull’, with the odd flutter of demonic mutterings threatening to rage through a soundtrack of ominous electronic simplicity that lends to the sparse ambient leanings of closer, ‘Calculus’ well.

The beauty of this release is that it shows Gomilla Park’s varying degrees of musicianship to great effect. Capitalising on a knowledge of old school Industrial and modern electronica is surely a gateway to better things; and I hope that my excursion into all things by this duo matches up to what this EP has presented.



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