FRANK BRETSCHNEIDER: Sinn + Form CD Raster Notion


FRANK BRETSCHNEIDER: Sinn + Form CD Raster Notion

After the last release I heard from Bretschneider, ‘Super Trigger’, I expected great things from this latest album. There was previously a heavy leaning to the works of Funckarma that I appreciated greatly and a greater pressure to follow this up with something of equal competency.

‘Pattern Recognition’ as an opener, doesn’t tick any boxes for me, with a mash up of electronic nonsense that irritates as opposed to engaging the listener; as does ‘Crisis?, What Crisis?’. Given that these two tracks total a mass of 15 minutes, it’s a lot to endure.

Tragically, as I endured my way through the tracks (skipping most of them half way) it’s evident that Bretschneider has found a route up his own back side and produced a nonsensical album of electronic drivel, with a sea of pointless bleeps and perpetually annoying guff. There are artists out there that deserve the platform that Frank has robbed them of; and had this been submitted to myself for a prospective release, I wouldn’t have even taken the time to get back in touch.


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