DASHA RUSH: Sleepstep CD Raster Notion


DASHA RUSH: Sleepstep CD Raster Notion

Subtitled ‘Sonar Poems For my Sleepless Friends’, it’s not going to take a genius to work out the pace of Rush’s latest release and the concept with which she has chosen.

Cultivating a dream like atmosphere is where Dasha excels. The obscure background of swirling electronics on ‘Dance with Edgar Poe’ provide a bed for off kilter piano and her evocative vocals; whilst ‘Whispers and Albert’ drifts with a cold ambient breath.

Low-key electronica is the staple of ‘Sleepstep’; and whilst not being anything of technical brilliance, allows for Rush to speak with a subtlety and suave sultriness that overrides the need for anything on the high end of geekdom in the production stakes. When she avoids anything with rhythm, her ambient leanings provide something much more concise and engaging.

For me, where Dasha falls short is in the general construction of the songs on offer. Being of moderate length for the most part, there is something that feels ultimately unfinished with them; and most tracks stop abruptly as opposed to evolving into their true potential. The same can be said for song placement.

Overall, I can see the potential with what has been attempted and more emphasis should have been directed in the vocal area, where Rush provides an oily presence to her words, that seductively ooze attention.



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