ALVA NOTO: Xerrox Vol. 3. 2xLP/CD Raster Notion


ALVA NOTO: Xerrox Vol. 3.   2xLP/CD Raster Notion

Having not herd the previous volumes that accompany this album, did hinder me somewhat when approaching this work. However, any album should stand out on its own merits and it has been a long five-year gap between ‘Vol. 2’ and this one.

Inspired by childhood memories of films from the 1970’s including Tarkovsky’s adaptation of ‘Solaris’, there is a personal presence to this release that sometimes can be hard for others without similar experiences to latch onto. Musically then, is where this album is going to have to (and always should) do its talking.

Seamlessly flowing into track two, ‘Atmosphere’ glides into the sonic wall of drifting operatic pads that is ‘Helm Transphaser’. With a heavy leaning on Sci-Fi this plays out well, giving rise to a well of emotions and bass rich underlay that grabs the attention and takes the listener on an immersive journey.

‘2ndevol’ in contrast places subtle harmonics amongst a garden of glistening ambient textures that play into the hands of much of the Japanese market, that I have encountered within this genre; and folds into the utterly beautiful ‘Radieuse’ that captures some of the best moments of Fennesz, with wonderful rich tones and folding glorious atmospherics.

From the majesty of ‘Isola’, to the sombre ‘Mesosphere’ and the faded piano of ‘Spiegel; ‘Xerrox Vol. 3’ is a massive display of talent and spatial awareness of sound, that immediately had me hunting down its counterparts; An immense and impressive album from start to finish.



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