MARSEN JULES: The Empire of Silence CD Oktaf


MARSEN JULES: The Empire of Silence CD Oktaf

Celebrating a ten-year long career, Marsen Jules provides us with an album dedicated to vast landscapes of snow and ice; with this, ‘The Empire of Silence’.

I have been impressed thus far with Jules’ output by and large; and this latest opus is no exception. With a serene range of layered pads, opener ‘Penstla’ glides across white dunes, allowing for ‘Tlaslo’ to brush the surface up into majestic icy dust devils.

‘The Empire…’ as a whole is a thematically sturdy release that sticks to it’s chosen subject matter well. The downside is that along the way things don’t differ much from track one to eight as a whole; however, Jules capitalises on the albums strength in the overall familiarity and fragility throughout, where the end result feels like one long seamless interlude of tranquillity.

Marsen has hit something here that I found missing on other releases. With a clever use of spatial ambient awareness, he has covered the beauty of falling snowflakes, to the frostbiting gales of the Antarctic; where the beauty hides a brutality that is never felt from the panes of glass this album is viewed through. Touching on some of the mightier works of Fennesz is no mean feat; but here he achieves this with gusto.


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