RAOUL SINIER: Late Statues CD Self Released


RAOUL SINIER: Late Statues   CD Self Released

Sinier has been providing underground electronic circles with his eclectic mix of genre crossing genius for well over ten years now; and it’s quite the surprise he isn’t a bigger artist than he is.

‘Stones and Rocks’ crashes through as a wave of electronics, guitar and percussion, with high-end vocals carried well by the swell. Obscure it may be (with overtones of psychedelia), but there is an overall nod of commercialism keeping the tracks head above water.

‘Late Statues’ directly follows on from where ‘Welcome to my Orphanage’ left off. Raoul grabs Indie Rock by the throat and drags it down into an oozing swamp of desperation, with an ever-evident inspiration of theatrics and Opera aesthetics. The pomp and circumstance rides high in tracks such as ‘Camouflage’, with the bravery to go completely off key, plucking on Tangerine Dream sensibilities, with a splash of Hawkwind-isms to boot.

Raoul once again has produced a release that I struggle with as much as I enjoy it; as I hate Prog-Rock and I love Electronica. In splitting me down the middle where I fight with myself over just how much I loathe and like the release in equal measure, this certainly is testament to a level of creative genius in some respects; and for that I commend him.

As a whole this misses the level of enjoyment I got out of past releases, but overall and once again, I cannot knock the musicianship and production skills gone into making the album possible; not to mention the guile.


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