DENNIS YOUNG: Reel to Real LP/CD Staubgold


DENNIS YOUNG: Reel to Real LP/CD Staubgold

Young is a percussionist who is best known for his tenure with 80’s NYC artists LIQUID LIQUID. ‘Reel to Real’ is a collection of his unreleased solo recordings between 1982-1983.

Opener, ‘Big Room’ kicks off the proceedings with an array of riotous drumming as I expected; reverberated and delayed vocals are belted out over the top; reminiscent of old school Industrial; creating a welcome nostalgia.

‘Gravitation’ drives an underlying Cabaret Voltaire ethos into the mix, regardless of being devoid of any instrumentation bar percussion and vocals; and by the time the electronics appear on ‘Panic in the Air’, the influences switch to a more Throbbing Gristle visceral display of madness.

From acoustically led ballads to Krautrock meanderings, there is much on this release to appease those that listen to a variety of genres that pre-date 1985; even Reggae and Dub influences make an appearance. Young’s age does show (as does the production), but through it all shines a torch for styles from a yesteryear that for some people like myself, doesn’t feel as though it was that long ago.

Overall, the gritty tape-recording production values add weight to the release; and whilst in reality this isn’t the most ground breaking of releases (even for its time), it is thoroughly enjoyable as a trip down memory lane; where the rawness and D.I.Y edge to the sound, gives the album much more creative value.



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